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Finding Great Italian Restaurants in the UK

Looking for great Italian restaurants in leeds isn't a hard task. In fact, you will be amazed how plenty they are that you will almost need to make a list and try them all. You can take a tour and you will see that your taste buds will never have to suffer. All the gastronomic restaurants are pretty much accessible for most people. Here is a short and comprehensive review about italian food uk.

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Jamie's Italian Restaurant

If you think that Jamie Oliver is just a You Tube sensation, you are absolutely wrong. Jamie is an expert in Italian cuisine, thus you can sample his house specialties if you are visiting the UK. He has a restaurant in Aberdeen, London, Bath, Birmingham, Kent, Brighton and other places. You can even check out their website beforehand to see their menu. They offer antipasti and sides, pasta, desserts, mains, wines and other drinks. They also have a guide for people who want to go vegetarian and for those who have allergies or don't want gluten in their dishes. They have a Christmas menu to provide customers exquisite and authentic dishes made the Italian way. With the help of another world-famous chef, Gennaro, this can be the perfect spot for your family, friends and loved ones.


If you want a relaxing dining experience near the canal while strolling along Birmingham, you should visit Carluccio's Restaurant in Brindleyplace. The servers are very nice and the foods are properly prepared. The prices are not too bad either. Their ravioli that is filled with just the right amounts of spinach and ricotta can be so heart-warming. Most of their customers love their two course menu as the dishes they are truly worth their prices. Carluccio's has branches all over the UK, but their Birmingham branch is one of the frequented branches and positively reviewed by most diners.


For those looking for a less-formal setting and great Italian pizzas, Rossopomodoro may just be the place for you. They cook their pizzas the traditional way in their golden-painted brick oven. The aura inside the restaurant is more relaxed and homey, thus a perfect spot for a hot afternoon to go for a snack by yourself or with your friends. You can taste authentic Italian pizzas and match them with cold bottles of beer or other spirits for a perfect gastronomic experience. They also have pasta dishes, which also goes well with their pizzas. If you are looking for a vegetarian-friendly eating place, this restaurant may also be your next best friend.


Tere are other restaurants in the UK that can surely satisfy your cravings for Italian food. Just explore and ask people about their favourite food spots and you will be surprised that there are so plenty of them. Don't be afraid to read reviews and ask your friends so you can share experiences. You can also go around restaurants with your family as a weekend bonding activity.